Pool Enclosures

Slidell Patio Covers, Inc.s is the PREMIER BUILDING CONTRACTOR of swimming pool enclosures & HAS BEEN SINCE 1986.Start enjoying your pool enclosure all season long without the headaches of keeping the debris or pesky bugs out. Slidell Patio Covers, Inc.s builds all swimming pool enclosures to the 140mph wind code, designated by Dade county Florida. A Screened Pool Enclosure will help keep your pool cleaner and in return decreasing your maintenance time and COST.

Slidell Patio Covers, Inc.s custom builds pool enclosures to fit your space and come in a variety of styles and shapes. We can connect to your existing roof line, patio cover, Sunroom, or as a free standing unit. The extruded frame and vinyl-coated fiberglass screen will last for years and years with no maintenance. The frame is strong and durable. Its baked enamel finish resists scratches, weathering and chemical deterioration. The mesh of the screen is made of heavier-than-standard screen material to withstand outside weather conditions.

The most important thing about Pool Enclosures is the safety. You do not have to worry about kids or animals accidents finding there way into your pool. All door handles are at least 54" from the ground so kids can not reach them. All pool enclosures come with a full warranty for your protection.

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